Providence French Film Festival - The Meteor

A man in prison, a wife carrying on a new life, a mother getting older: three lives connected and warped by a single event. As fortysomething Pierre is serving a 14-year prison sentence, his wife and mother are adjusting to their new everyday life, forced into revisiting the past because of Pierre’s violent act. As we watch all three characters grow, making choices on the best way to move forward in love and life, the sublime visual language of the film explores our compassionate connection to each other and the natural world around us. Using elegant images of nature, animals, and the actors, François Delisle visually establishes the characters as their off-screen dialogue deepens them. Textures and color play as important a role as the dialogue in this film and depict both the visceral and literary journey this family makes to deal with guilt. With its precise style, The Meteor illuminates the trails that a massive life event leaves behind. — M. P.

CAST: François Delisle, Noémie Godin-Vigneau, Andrée Lachapelle

DIRECTOR: François Delisle

RUN TIME: 85 min