Les derniers jours du monde (Happy ends)

France | 2009 | 130 mn CAST Matthieu Almaric, Catherine Frot, Karin Viard, Sergi Lopez An oddity in the French film landscape, this film defies all classification. Part sci-fi thriller, part romantic comedy, with a touch of surrealism à la Luis Buñuel and a soupçon of Fellinian undertones, all deftly wrapped up by the Larrieu brothers, this film could be said to be the French answer to the age old question: what do we do if we know the world is coming to an end? While John Cusack was busy saving his family in the Himalayas in 2012, Matthieu Almaric is searching for a love and sex in a French landscape crumbling around him, both physically and morally (and it seems every body else is doing much of the same) . Notable cameos by Sabine Azéma (Wild Grass) and Omahyra (X-men Last Stand).