Magic Lantern Cinema Presents: The ELEMENTAL Show

Le Spectacle des ÉLÉMENTS
Drawn from the impressive collection of Light Cone, a Paris-based experimental film distributor, this program of contemporary French shorts seeks to examine cinema's relationship to the elements, or those substances once held to comprise the fundamental components of the natural world: earth, water, air, & fire. What happens when this classical subject is engaged through a distinctly modern medium like cinema? Pairing films that seek to rediscover the import attributed to the elements by ancient thought with others that offer more timely variations on this theme -- refracting it through the lens of contemporary aesthetics, philosophy, and politics -- this show provides new ways of conceiving cinema’s relationship to the surrounding world, while also demonstrating that the lure of the elements has not dissipated with the rise of the modern era.

FEATURING: Olivier Fouchard, “Mount Granier (Landscapes, Study No. 1)” (2007);
Emmanuel Lefrant, “Visible and Invisible Parts of a Set Under Tension” (2009);
Frédérique Devaux, “K (Berbers)” (2007);
Martine Rousset, “Sea” (2003);
Rose Lowder, “Salt Garden” (2011);
Pascal Auger, “Just Before Noon” (1986);
Yann Beauvais, “About a Curfew” (2006);
Patrick Bokanowski, “Solar Beats” (2008)

RUN TIME: 99 min