Ni à vendre, ni à louer (Holidays by the sea)

France | 2010 | 77 mn CASTJacques Gamblin, Maria de Medeiros, Dominique Pinon Second film by Rabaté to be presented at this festival, Holidays by the sea is also adapted from a graphic novel by the director. Set in a small seaside resort, the film conjures up the rites associated with the annual pilgrimage most French people undertake for their vacation but Rabaté gives it a twist: the characters include a retired couple, a pair of leather-clad punks, several families in a caravan park, a traveling salesman meeting his mistress, and two sets of unhappy spouses whose holiday is unexpectedly spiced up by a runaway kite. Besides sunbathing, the action embraces games of golf and Scrabble, life drawing, funeral rites, a visit to a nudist camp, a near-hurricane and plenty of erotic adventures. This whimsical feature does evoke the ghost of Tati’s Mr Hulot Holidays both in term of theme but also in the almost complete absence of significant dialogue.

DIRECTOR: Pascal Rabaté