Art and Design Film Festival: Handmade with Love in France and Awana

"Handmade with love in France" is the 90' documentary I have been working on for over a year. It tells the story of three craftsmen who work for the greatest couture houses of Paris. With great sense of humor and strong straightforwardness, they freely criticize the fashion world. Made in France products that aren’t made in France, clients who don’t know what they buy… And every day, a more uncertain future for real luxury items. The craftsmen’s workshops are closing down one by one… The three artisans are a few years from retiring, and they have no one to take over…Who will assure the making of Haute Couture collections if they are all gone ?

Awana: short film following the making of a scarf in Peru. Directed by William Silva Reddington & Guille Isa - Peru / USA - 2016 - 11min

CAST: Gérard Lognon, Bruno Legeron, Lorenzo Ré

DIRECTOR: Julie Georgia Bernard

RUN TIME: 70 min