Art and Design Film Festival: Hanzi

From the producers of Maker and Design & Thinking, Hanzi Explores how designers approach the making of Chinese typography. FIlmmakers from New York, Hong Kong, London and Taipei interview designers ShaoLan, founder and creator of Chineasy in London; Akira Kobayashi, reknowned Japanese Roman font designer, and Sammy Or, a veteran Chinese font designer based in Hong Kong. A visit to Ri Xing Type Foundry, the last traditional Chinese letterpress in the world, helps put into perspective, the artistry and long history of chinese lettering and asks us to question how language shapes identity and what is gained and lost when a culture transitions from hand lettering to the digital age. This film is sponsored by Providence's own typography wonderland, Paper Nautilus Books.

DIRECTOR: Mu-Ming Tsai

RUN TIME: 57 min