Art and Design Film Festival: Naoshima

Naoshima is a small Japanese island in the Seto inland sea hosting a fascinating contemporary art sponsoring project since the 90s. Urged by a businessman, museums and outdoor installations have grown in number on Naoshima, which was until then only populated by fishermen, farmers and workers, and affected by the post-industrial exodus, a decline in population and its local economy. NAOSHIMA (Dream on the tongue) is the exploration of this island, as a place for unexpected exchange between contemporary art, traditions, and everyday life. 8 km2 of a utopia as told by its inhabitants. With the support of Région Ile-de-France, CNC, PACA Region, the Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa, the Fondation de France and the French Embassy in Japan

DIRECTOR: Claire Laborey

RUN TIME: 67 min